Fabric Lined Dresser Drawer DIY

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I've got a case of "nesting" pretty bad. I have it in my mind that I will never have time to organize again in my entire life so I better do it all now. Whether this is true or not I guess we will see but I'm preparing for the end of the world. ;)

I've seen some savvy blogs where they reveal their child's nursery or big kid room and they feature the inside of the dresser drawers. Fully lined. In adorable fabric. If you know anything about me it is that I am a sucker for details. M would definitely consider this a fault of mine. I say it makes us a better team. ;) Every big picture needs some attention to details!

So over the weekend I picked up some fun fabric and set out to line the twins' dresser drawers. I kind of followed some tutorials on Pinterest but mostly winged it with my Modge Podge. I finished the drawers on the dresser and nightstand (more on that later) in two nap times. Lets call it 4 hours.

Here is what I started with. Some weird marble looking laminate line drawers.
First I removed the old lining. It peeled right off.

Then I Modge Podged the bottom. It dries super quick so I had to lay the fabric in sections, not all at once.
Because the fabric stretched out when glued down M had to razor the extra fabric off. This was a huge pain. We learned to cut the fabric a 1/4 inch shorter than what it measured to avoid this with the other drawers.

Drawer #1

Drawer #2

Drawer #3

Drawer #4
Changing Pad cover by Ivie Baby.

I think they turned out pretty cute and every time I open the drawers I get satisfaction out of the cute attention to detail! That's worth something, right M?

On a side note, do you think I should paint the round mirror white? The wood doesn't match the stain on the dresser and I'm not sure if that bothers me. Actually it does bother my "matchy matchy" type A self. Does it bother you? What would you do?


  1. I love the drawers ! I would paint the mirror white:)

  2. The lined drawers are really cute! I have never seen that before, now I am thinking about some changes at my house! I think the mirror would look great painted a different accent color to tie in some of your other d├ęcor, just with your moulding all being white, it will just blend in instead of being a feature.

  3. What a cute idea...I have actually never seen that done before! You've got the wheels turning in my head now!

    Paint the mirror white!! The wood wouldn't bother me necessarily, but the white would just look so cute in the nursery. :)

  4. I say paint it white! And the drawers look great!

  5. Love the liners! And yes on painting the mirror :-)

  6. Looks great!!! I actully love the mirror the way it is! In design school we were tought that when using different wood finishes they do not have to match. It looks like you have lots of white already going on with the moulding and on the furniture, it may blend in too much if painted white? Either way you go I'm sure it will look great, can't wait to see the whole room finished!:)

  7. I think white would make it blend it and not be an accent to the nursery. If painted... Go with a different color. But I like the wood finish on it.

  8. Adorable! I love the different patterns and the arrow fabric of the changing pad!

  9. I agree with the two above on painting the mirror an accent color. I think it would be a nice pop in that area.

  10. Maybe paint white and then distress, so it's not too matchy matchy but is still cute!

  11. Maybe paint white and then distress, so it's not too matchy matchy but is still cute!


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