Silikids Review

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I can't say that I'm completely "crunchy" or "granola" (sometimes preservatives taste so good haha) but I do like a lot about the crunchy lifestyle. Usually M gives me giant eye rolls when I remind him not to microwave anything that is plastic (whether it says it is safe or not). Sorry, babe, but I love you and our kids and I don't need any unnecessary early cancer in our lives.

Enter Silikids products! Silikids offers silicone and glass dishware for kiddos. I know, it seems like glass and toddlers/babies don't mix but they can! Their glass cups are covered in heavy duty siliskin (silicone) for protection and shock absorption. These cups are perfect for Blair who like to be a big girl. Plus, I'm all about leaving behind the sippy cups at her age (less taking apart and hand washing for me!). She totally digs the bright orange color as well which will also work for our boy/girl twins.

 The other product Silikids sent me are their universal silicone spill proof lid. These things are the JAM. They fit any cup and therefore can change any glass/cup into a toddler cup with a lid and straw. These "sippy" cups are awesome because they only have two parts: the straw and top. So much easier than all the cups with valves that need to be taken apart. These would be great gifts for toddlers. Moms and dads would thank you!

Whether you have a toddler or preschooler Silikids products are a perfect fit. Check out their other products here or shop on Amazon!

Thank you Silikids for sending us your awesome products! 

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  1. We just got the boon lids with straws but these look great too!


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