Pregnancy Joys at 20 weeks

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 Now that I'm 20 weeks pregnant (likely over half way!) I've had all sorts of new experiences with these twins. And before I jump in let me preface it by saying they are ALL worth it! Varicose veins, translucent skin, getting waxed have all been part of this pregnancy and I'll happily take each one! Because really any pregnancy problem is a good problem to have in my book.

A week ago before we found out our two boys were really a GIRL and a boy (!!!) I was at the doctor because they feared I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), basically a blood clot behind my left knee. After getting checked out they decided I had sprouted some pretty awesome varicose veins. Bust. I didn't have these with Blair but then again this time I am carrying twice the baby.

Doctor said it could go away after the twins come and if not then I can get a good old laser treatment to remove them. Just add that to my "mommy make-over" list. ;) In the meantime walking is good and neither standing or sitting for too long helps with discomfort.

And I can't be the only pregnant mama out there who gets fed up with trying to maintain some level of decency down there. I've basically been shaving by braille until last month when I got brave and headed down to the waxing salon. I decided this was a better option than handing over the razor to M.

But holy OUCH! After getting waxed I think M may just be a better option. That freaking HURT! After going through two years of infertility treatments nothing really embarrasses me about people being in my business but the pain was crazy! I was literally sweating on that table and when I got up there was proof of it under my tush. That, I will admit, was kind of embarrassing.

The crazy thing is that I signed up for 6 more sessions! Don't ask me what I was thinking other than the fact that I will be hugely prego this whole summer and I own a pool for crying out loud. Somebody's gotta take care of that for me! I head in again next week and I'm absolutely dreading it. My only hope is that the esthetician said it gets better. If she's lying we will have a problem...

Oh, and last but definitely not least is some good news! Blair got to feel the babies move yesterday. :) She wasn't blown away but kept telling me that "if the babies wiggle, call me!" I just love their bond already!


  1. Lol!! I will tell you this, the more you wax the LESS it hurts, it still hurts but not as bad. It didn't bother me too bad when I was getting them done semi-often but now I get super nervous when I get it done once a year for our beach vacation - 100% worth it though!!

  2. omg haha totally love your honesty. waxing SUCKS but it is so worth it!!! is it weird that I am getting it done before our egg retrieval and transfer next week?! I mean I need to look decent if all those people are going to be up in my business for 3 weeks straight ;)

  3. DYING with your shaving by Braille comment. Isn't that the worst...and then realizing you missed a spot:)

  4. ow!! I've heard waxing hurts more while pregnant since everything down there is more sensitive. excited to learn their names!!!!

  5. The varicose vein thing is the pits! I feel ya Mama! I'm pregnant with my third and they have gotten progressively worse each time. I have to wear compression tights under everything and man is it going to be a hot summer :(. But, it's all worth it, like you said! And, if it helps, mine have gone away each time after the baby was born so hopefully yours will too!!

  6. The second time is way better!! I make them hand me a magazine so I can try and distract myself. And I breathe deep. But the first time really is the worst!!

  7. Try sugaring, it's more natural and less painful with great results! I'm hooked!

  8. Totally missed that you were pregnant and with TWINS! Ah! So exciting!!! Congratulations!!!


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