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Friday, April 15, 2016

 If you follow me on Instagram then you know we had some crazy news this week! On Tuesday I went in for my anatomy scan and proudly announced to my ultrasound tech that we were expecting boys. We had some small talk and then she sat down and got to work.

After a few minutes the tech asked me, "Why do you think you are having boys?"

Insert all the color draining from my face here. "Because that's what the ultrasound tech told me at our gender reveal appointment..."

She proceeded to ask me how far along I was when I had that appointment. When I told her almost 14 weeks she "tsked tsked" me and then said, "Well I certainly see ONE boy here. But I have to tell you that Baby A does not look anything like a boy."

By this time my head was spinning and my heart was pounding. From the very beginning M and I had always thought that I was carrying one of each. When we found out they were two boys we were surprised (not disappointed) and started planning our life in the near future around that. If I could have chosen the genders I would have gone with one of each simply because I thought it would be fun for Blair to have a brother and a sister. I was eager to have another girl because I have loved raising Blair so much yet I desired to see what it was like to have a sweet boy too.

At this point in the ultrasound I am starting to get excited and hopeful but trying to guard myself because what if the tech just missed it or didn't have a clear view? I had her check, recheck, and double check that Baby A and every time she said, "This is NOT a boy. This is a GIRL."

My mind filled with all the problems that this could mean. For starters I just sold 75% of all of Blair's clothes/girl items. Secondly I'm about 80% done with the nursery. And lastly, my friends had just ordered my shower invites to say "baby boys!"

But then my heart soared! Because I get to have another GIRL! And a boy! God was meeting the deep desire of my heart and I could not believe it! He has already had so much grace with me by allowing IVF to work with not one but two babies. I felt like I was going to burst and I prayed that this lady knew what she was doing. 

At the end of my appointment The doctor came in to review my results and also confirmed that indeed we were having one of each. I quickly thanked them and immediately called M and my Mom. My Mom kept telling me I was lying and M casually said, "That's what I always thought they were." (Like it's no big deal!!!)

Yesterday we returned to the original gender reveal place and they also agreed it was one of each! Needless to say I'm so overjoyed. And I'm not the only one! Blair has been praying daily (with gusto) that God would turn at least one of those babies into a girl. I kept telling her that although God is powerful, I highly doubt this is his plan ( oh me of little faith!). I can't even believe that she got her wish! Clearly, we know that the original tech just made a mistake but STILL! Blair is definitely a believer in the "Ask and you shall receive" mentality. ;)

So there you have it. Our life just got turned upside down in the best way. And if you need anything from the Man upstairs...just ask Blair. She'll put in a good word. ;)


  1. congrats again, soo crazy! And dont feel bad about selling B's clothes, now you get to get all new cute girls clothes ;)

  2. Oh my goodness - that's crazy! We found out that #2 for me is a boy via the Harmony blood test (which is supposedly like 99% accurate for gender) right around 11 weeks. #1 is also a boy. But I still waited until the anatomy scan to make sure it was, in fact, STILL a boy before I made any big ticket purchases. And at 21 weeks, it was confirmed that it is definitely a boy. So yeah - I can't even imagine how crazy that must have been for you - but what a blessing - one of each! Congratulations (again!)

  3. Oh to have such childlike faith - right? What an awesome blessing from the Lord! Congratulations!

  4. So so SO exciting Natalie!!! I am so happy for you!! XO natasha

  5. Oh my goodness, this just made me tear up. SO SWEET!

  6. That is truly the sweetest turn of events! Really exemplifies the "child like faith" God calls us to have. It is so hard to believe that He can and He will until you see the faith a child has in what you deem the impossible. So excited for your exciting journey!

  7. So exciting!! Just the best news ever!! I'm loving that Blair has two babies and that ergo is too adorable for her!!

    And I agree with Erinn, now you get to invest in all the new cute baby girl goodness that's out there and not feel guilty about it ;)

  8. So excited for you!!! Don't worry about selling all of Blair's stuff because now you can get all NEW stuff! FUN!

  9. What a surprise! How exciting!

  10. I just couldn't love this more! One of each!!!

  11. Oh my goodness how amazing!!! God really did answer ALL of your prayers!! That will be so so much fun having one of each!!!

  12. This is amazing!!!! And totally an answered prayer!!!! Love love love!


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