Magnolia Market Review

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Swaddle Designs muslin blanket winner is posted HERE. Was it you?!

By far my favorite part of our Texas trip was going to Magnolia Market. Our only fail was going on a Saturday. We arrived 30 minutes before they opened and there was a decent sized line already. When the store opened they let in a certain amount of people (not sure what the limit was) and then as people left the allowed more in. It was CRAZY. I mean like Black Friday many people! Everyone was nice and no elbows were thrown since there was plenty of things in stock but man was I sweating in there!

Since we had to fit everything into an over sized suitcase I lugged there, we couldn't take a huge advantage of the scratch and dent sale going on. Most of those items were pretty large. But I was really happy with what I got and the experience in itself was so fun! The store was beautiful, of course and I snapped a couple pictures.
the scratch and dent sale downstairs

We actually got to meet Jojo's sister, Mom, and niece. They were all super friendly and sweet and when I told her sister I was expecting twin boys she gave me a hug and said, "That was from Jojo!"

Jojo's niece and mom.

The grounds that the market sits on are very family friendly with a huge lawn area with games, swings, teeter totters, a beautiful garden, food trucks, and a bakery coming soon! After my Mom and I shopped our hearts out we grabbed a Coke and watched the line continue to grow. It was a couple blocks long by the time we left.

Needless to say we found some great treasures. I snapped some of my finds on snap chat and will write a post on that as soon as I get it all situated in my home. :) I even found some cute decor for the boys' nursery. I can't wait!

Speaking of the twins...I have a doctor's appointment today. I always worry that one of them might not be in there still (I know, it's stupid) but I can't help it. So, prayers for a good appointment and that things are looking the way they should.

A big thanks again to my Mama for taking me on this trip. It was so much fun and really the last time I'll be able to do anything like it for a while!


  1. So fun! I've always wanted to go to Magnolia Market!! Good luck with your doctor's appointment today :)

  2. So much fun! I am so obsessed with Fixer Upper and Joanna!

  3. I'm from Round Rock (about 1.5 hours from Waco), and made my first visit to Magnolia Market yesterday. Lots of Spring Break crowds, but it was fun! I've been following your blog for over 4 years - so excited for your little boys to arrive!


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