DIY Geometric Nursery Shelves

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

M and I have been burning Pinterest up checking out ideas for the boy's nursery. He found some shelves that were made out of geometric shapes that we both loved. Lo and behold while my Mom and I were in Texas at Harp Design Co. we saw identical shelves in his shop! They were upwards of $45 a shelf and definitely wouldn't fit in my carry on.

When I got home I showed M the pictures and in his words, "Easy. I can make that."

He wasn't lying and busted two out on a Sunday afternoon. Each shelf only cost $6! I just LOVE how they turned out. I'm contemplating a light stain to show off the white interior paint a little more but haven't made a final decision.

gold ox and succulents from Target, cactus post cards, books from babylit, candle from spice village

The shelves will eventually go on the walls and this isn't exactly how I plan to style them (but it's cute for now!). I am eagerly awaiting a few more in varying sizes from my carpenter. ;)


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