Kemaily Minky Blankies

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I've been gathering items I love for the boys and was so happy when Kemaily offered to send us some darling minky blankies. I swear this time around I'm really going to push decent looking blankets on the boys so that we avoid a cut up sleep sack as a lovey (Blair's "blanket" is so gross).

Kemaily offers a huge selection of cozy blankets that would complement any nursery. Blair loves rubbing her nose on her blankie and the minky fabric on these loveys will be perfect for the boys to do the same. :)

Kemaily also offers hair pretties, bow ties, binky minkys, and burp cloths. Make sure you sign up for their emails to get 10% off! Also, check out their facebook page for deals. A big thank you for our blankets...I just can't wait to snuggle the twins up in these!

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