Christmas List for Preschool Girls

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Did any of you brave the madness of Black Friday? I didn't plan on going out but then I couldn't help myself. We got home all stuffed with turkey around 8:30pm and as M was putting B to bed I snuck out. First I hit up Toys R Us and got some great deals (and some not so great deals). Then I met up with a friend and we poked around Target, Old Navy, and Carter's. Of course I found something at each store. :/

On Friday I did a little online shopping and then was at it again on Cyber Monday. I'm a huge sucker for good deals. A lot of the time if I see something on mega sale I buy and save it for Christmas or birthdays later in the year. The economy loves me!

I rounded up some of my favorite Christmas items for Blair this year below!

1. Anything Disney Princess
2.Ballerina Necklace from JCrew Factory (half off for Cyber Monday!)
3. Crown Headband from JCrew Factory (half off for Cyber Monday!)
4. Gap jammies (currently sold out but lots of other cute ones!)
5. Sleeping bag for Blair AND a matching mini one for Baby from Land of Nod
6. Little Elle Boutique Hair Pretty
7. Rain Boots (stupid expensive, let me know if you find a better orange pair)
8. slippers from Jcrew Factory (mega Cyber Monday sale!)
9. Double baby stroller from amazon
10. Melissa and Doug pancake set
11. Melissa and Doug shopping cart
12. Melissa and Doug pots and pans
13. Hape Sushi kit
14.Kidkraft kitchen
15. Kidkraft espresso maker
16. Duplos
17. Princess Play Doh castle
18. Glitter glue
19 Kinetic Sand
20. Watercolors

If that's not an extensive list then I don't know what is! I sure hope Blair has been very good this year because Santa's elves are in for a lot of work! ;)


  1. A and B would have such a blast together, this is basically everything the girls are getting or some variation of it. Definitely agree, perfect list for little girls!

  2. We bought Kimber that same kitchen (in white) and grocery cart - she LOVED both and plays with them daily!! This year, her big gifts will be a nice baby stroller, baby bed and baby high chair. She's all about babies!!!

  3. I was wondering when you were going to put your list up :) I pretty much have the same things on my list. Have you gotten the Hape Sushi kit yet? I bought a lot of the Hape food but couldn't decide between the Melissa and Doug Sushi kit or the Hape one. Let me know what you think. As for rain boots, Tatum picked out pink Hunters when we were at Von Maur on Sunday. Last year she had a pair of Western chief light up rain boots. Check out that brand. You might get lucky and find an orange pair!

  4. That sushi set kills me! I should totally get that for Rae-- we eat sushi so much that she'd probably think it was hilarious. or gross? lol

  5. Nice list. My daughter has quite a few of those items on her list as well!


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