Feshly Picked Warehouse Sale #2

Monday, November 9, 2015

Over the weekend I had the awesome pleasure of shopping at the Freshly Picked warehouse sale in Orange County! My friend and I left our kids with our hubbies and made the 45 minute drive to Lake Forest. We arrived at 7:20 and the doors opened for us at 10:20. Three hours is a long time but it flies when you are with your bestie! (And no kids!).

The last time I went I was able to be the first group of people to shop but this time we were the second round. And it does make a big difference! When it was our turn we split up...she grabbed neutral carryalls and I grabbed hardsole moccs in the smaller sizes, but there were so few to choose from (it was almost only the pizza print...blech). We snagged the last two small pairs for our littles and then I also grabbed the next two sizes up as well. There were plenty of crib moccs and I even got crazy and grabbed some of those in neutral colors too. Here's to being hopeful! Or here's to giving my friend's some really good gifts at their next baby shower. ;)

Oh hey Susan!
My haul.
Out celebrating my Mom's bday!
Next time around we plan on arriving earlier so we can be the first wave that gets in. One girl was there at 3:30 am! Straight cray. Next time we plan on rolling up at 6:30 am. Is it kind of nuts? Yeah. But I LOVE FP and at 50% off it's totally worth it! Oh, and just a little heads up...a FP giveaway is coming up here very soon! Happy Monday!


  1. What fun! I mean, being up early is no fun, but getting 50% off is HUGE! We went to the TOMS Warehouse sale last summer and it was pretty bananas. I wonder if they'll do a FP sale in Northern Ca?

  2. Ahh you hit the jackpot! I agree too the pizza print is blech!! I am with Colleen hoping one day one of these sales is in Northern California!


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