Thankful for Friends

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I know there's mass black Friday posts going on out there in the blog world but to be quite honest I don't have time to scour all the deals and then make a "best of" collage. Or I guess I could have made time but it wasn't a top priority. Sorry about that!

Instead we got our Christmas card pictures back from Carrie Johnson Photography and I'm in love! I can't wait to post the real deal but can you just look at some of the outtakes! Swoon! Taking pictures with your bff as the photographer and your other bff's family is just too fun! Too bad it would be kinda weird to include her kids in our photo... ;)

I just LOVE seeing Blair in her "mommy mode" whenever a baby or younger toddler is around her. She's so funny how she likes to coddle them and get right in their face. She tickles their cheeks and tries to help them walk around. It makes me heart melt and gives me excitement to think of her as a big sis one day. Can't wait to show you our Christmas card pictures soon!

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