Candy Corn Toddler DIY

Friday, October 9, 2015

We're in the waiting time of my cycle so nothing to report on infertility. Next week I'll be in San Jose for my best friend's wedding (I'm the co-maid of honor!) so (in)Fertility Friday will pick up in a couple weeks!

We've been hitting Disneyland up hard the last couple of days which is always fun. Yesterday after Blair's nap I decided to do some crafting with her after getting inspired on Pinterest. I chose a couple simple Halloween projects and the Candy Corn Mosaic is the one that turned out the cutest. Take a look!

Materials: black paper, white crayon, yellow/orange/white scrap paper, glue stick, scissors

Honestly if you are looking for some free time from your toddler, this kept her occupied for quite a while. She only really needed my help adding sections of glue (if you do it all at once it dries too fast). Cutting up the colored squares took me no time and drawing the candy corn on black paper with a white crayon was a cinch. I glued one of each color in the correct spot so she knew what went in each section. The rest was history! She had fun and I got some dishes/kitchen cleaning accomplished. Win-win! You'll have to let me know if you guys try this at home this weekend!


  1. What a great activity! I think Owen would really like this! Great idea -- I'll try anything that gets me some time to accomplish a few chores. SJ is just like 30 minutes from me!

  2. So cute!! I kind of want to try this with Ethan!

  3. Disneyland? So awesome! I’ve only been to Disneyworld, but would love to go to Disneyland some day! Blair is adorable and that candy corn craft is precious! Happy Friday!!

  4. Definitely doing this! I remember my mom always hanging our halloween school projects up each year, perfect activity!

  5. What a fun and easy activity! My little one would be all over it! I'm definitely going to do this with her this week :)

  6. I was actually looking to do this tomorrow if I can find the right colored paper! Very cute.


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