Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Monday, April 20, 2015

What were you doing on Sunday morning at 8am? If you were smart you were standing in line to get into Target to get your hands on the new Lilly Pulitzer line for Target. I can't say that I was that forward thinking but I did make a point to get up and get out the door to my nearest Target. I got there about an hour after they opened and was able to snag a few things but so much was already gone! Lesson learned.

 I'm going to show you some of my favorite things from the line and the things I was lucky enough to snatch up!

I was gaga over all this stuff but ended up with the white beach blanket.
I missed out on the shoes/bag/hat but snagged up the rest of these clothing items...adorable!

I rest my case. Romper and head band both by LP. (head band is adult...she's got a big knoggin).

I snagged the top row items along with the iphone case. But the other pieces are SO cute too!

Annnnd I bought everything you see here because hello these are awesome gifts! One for me, one for you. :) I couldn't have planned this better with my birthday coming at the end of the month!
That's a wrap! Maybe if you are lucky your Target still has some of these great items? Hurry over there because they won't last long. Did you guys snag anything amazing? Tell me!


  1. I shopped the Lilly sale from the comfort of my pajamas and my own bed at 8am! :P

  2. What size is Blair's romper? :)

  3. Seriously?! You got the white lace top I wanted so badly!!!! Good job :) And she is so darn cute in that romper!

    1. They had it in a small and xs at my target too! if i had known I woulda snagged it for you. If I find one do you want me to get it for you?

  4. Did you get Blair a 3T or 4T in that green romper? I'm wondering what size to get my daughter. I'm not a huge LP fan, but love this! Thanks Haley:)

  5. You did so good! Our Target sold out in 7 minutes, but I was able to get some stuff online :)

  6. I wasn't planning on getting anything from this line but when I stopped in today they had that long green romper in a 2T just Ellie's size and happened to have a matching one in my size. I couldn't help but grab them super fast! So cute. I love that basket for the home but didn't see it at my target...


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