Thursday's (Whole) Thirty

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Okay so confession: I haven't read the whole book (yet). But I've got the basics down and am working my way through it. This is what I've got for you so far...

Whole 30 is basically not eating anything processed along with no dairy, no carbs from grains/legumes/beans, and no added sugars. There is a lot more in the book about why they chose the foods you can and can not eat with a ton of research but I'm not here to tell you all that. I'm hoping to simplify this for those of you thinking about trying it out. And encourage YOU to read the book ;).

You're probably asking what is left to eat? The answer is plenty! I have truly been full throughout my now week long experience with this. Let me break down a typical day for you...

Breakfast: 3(!) eggs
                 potato, bell pepper, onion medley
                 fruit (I had blackberries).
                 Everything in the skillet was cooked with Ghee butter (found at Sprouts).

Lunch: Waldorf Chicken Wraps
             chopped chicken
             chopped apples
             chopped celery
             homemade ranch dressing
             I'm lacking on the veggies in this recipe but it did keep me full and was tasty!

Dinner: chile lime chicken burgers (Trader Joes)
             broccolini (cooked in EVOO)
             sweet potato fries (baked with EVOO)
             homemade ranch dressing

One of the goals of Whole 30 is to eat the right amount and right kids of foods at each meal that way there is no need to snack. So far this has proven true and I don't feel hungry in between meals (this doesn't mean that I don't miss snacking). The only reason I have a mid afternoon snack is because I need some energy before I go to the gym and I don't want to eat a whole meal.

So far the hardest part about Whole 30 has been the prep/planning time. This diet does not provide convenience and if you let yourself go too long without food and then are starving you are in trouble because it's hard to whip something up. I'm lucky because M preps most of our meals. I tend to be on my own for lunch (unless it's a weekend...holla!).

book: It Starts With Food
Instagram: whole30
Pinterest: search "whole 30 recipes"

So far I have been crazy bloated and crazy tired...both of which are normal according to this whole 30 timeline. I can't wait to be past this stage!


  1. You're so lucky your husband helps with the food prep and cooking! I pretty much do it all -- it's almost like he forgot how to cook in the 4 years since we've been married. We started Whole 30 before TG (terrible timing) and then I got sick, but I'm hoping to do one again soon. It's not so bad at all! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Everything looks yummy! Hubby and I went Paleo (mostly) a number of years ago, and I remember feeling completely out of sorts when we first started -- crazy carb withdrawal! :) It took about 2 weeks if I remember correctly to start feeling better. We eat well now, but are still going to start a 21 day sugar detox on Sunday - too many sweets and snacks over Christmas! :)

  3. I just want to see if my new phone will finally allow me to comment! Testing!


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