Pretty Sneaky

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I keep saying it but this age is my favorite! Blair says the most hilarious things and has so much personality now I just love her to death. In exchange for a sucker she let me snap a few pics of her at the grocery store this week. ;)

Even though she's wearing the "pretty sneaky" shirt I'm the one who had to be sneaky in order to get some pics of her without dirty baby. She stayed in the shopping cart and observed if you were wondering where she was. ;)

sweater: Cotton On
shirt: kate spade for gap
shoes: freshly picked
bow: happiness lives here etsy shop


  1. adorable! I love those FP moccs! If we weren't on a spending freeze I would get those in my shopping cart in a heart beat!!

    We are heading to Disneyland in a month with Ellie, she will be almost 22 months old - what tips and tricks can you let me know to make sure the visit is enjoyable for all??

  2. So so cute! What we won't do for a photo! ;)

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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