Anatomy 101

Friday, January 30, 2015

     Toddlers sure say the darndest things. For example the mini anatomy lesson I had to give Blair in the middle of Target the other day. We were waiting in the returns line, Blair in the shopping cart, when all of the sudden I feel her pushing on my chest. She continues to do so while saying,

"These are circles. They're like balls. I like them. Can I touch them?"

Uh, newsflash kid you are already helping yourself.

Next thing  I know is that she's got her shirt pulled up and is asking where hers are. I told her when she gets bigger she will have some. I then continued to tell her no more touching Mommy's chest because they are my privates (for lack of a better word). She then corrects me and says,

"No, your privates are right HERE" and reaches down to pat me in the crotch.

Awesome. Mini anatomy lesson completed in Target. Check.

Have any of you given any anatomy lessons to your littles lately? C'mon I know I'm not alone in this!

And here's an unrelated picture of my favorites...
Do you spy dirty baby?

Fertility Update: My next doctor appointment is February 12 and I couldn't be more stoked! He will be checking my thyroid, FSH, and LH levels more thoroughly. I've been reading a lot of articles regarding progesterone, thyroid levels etc. and really think I'm going to find my answer with this. I'm finally figuring out how to advocate for myself thanks to some help from a friend dealing with this too. And let me tell you having hope feels oh so good. Praising Him on the reg for giving me direction!


  1. hysterical... my favorite target trip (sarcasm) was when ashlynn was running through the aisle yelling "my bottom hurts!" over. over. and over. (it's what she says when she needs to poop)

  2. Love your blog! Have you had your prolactin level checked? I have an elevated prolactin level which messes with my hormone levels and stops ovulation. Might be worth asking your dr about! Also, where did you get your hello sign in your entry way? I love it!

    1. i have had that checked and it came back normal but i'm sure this new doctor will re-check it too! oh and the hello sign is from hobby lobby (my fave)


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