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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last weekend was not only awesome because Halloween was so fun but because it was a DIY kinda weekend and I love that. :) I got some alone time at Marshall's that was well spent if you ask me! Check out my cute home finds below!

wood for our gas fireplace. practical i know. :) and ps i currently have the back of the basket filled with other pieces of wood so it doesn't look so empty.
how cute is this wicker dog?! now our guests will be greeted by the best behaved dog ever!
our sink before had the "builder grade" faucets. they were way too short and didn't allow for adequate hand washing.
we upgraded to this (and got two more for our master!)
i also found this cute number at Marshall's. when we install the new towel rack we are going to raise the bar a smidge so the towels fit comfortably.
There is nothing I love more than doing a little shopping for our home. Okay that's not entirely true but I do love it! My Mom and I are hitting up Hobby Lobby this week as part of her birthday present and this Mama can't wait!

Also, we have had the most amazing fall weather ever here lately. I've actually been cold! Blair rocked her cupcake beanie from Auntie Kelly and I was in love. :)

Just heading to the mail box with the and a bag of Halloween candy.

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  1. Her outfit, too cute! and "adequate handwashing" dying, nice fixture though. We are about to reno our masterbath so we've been looking at that stuff too. And hysterical, because I've been telling P I wanted a basket of wood for the fireplace, which is also gas and he thinks I'm nuts!


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