Blair 2.5

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yesterday I pulled out Blair's baby book and decided to do some catch up. I filled out some of the "year two" section and had to smile as I went back and re-read what I wrote and also realized how far she had come since her first year! She is seriously growing way too fast and I'm 100% sure the picture below captures that.

blouse: clearance section at target!, jeggings: target, moccs: freshly picked

At 2.5 here is what she is up to...

{Blair's second year favorites}
foods to eat: chic-fil-a (hangs my head in shame), mac-n-cheese (at least I'm able to use greek yogurt instead of butter!), squeezies, pasta, raisins, homemade pizza, chocolate milk (only when at Chic-Fil-A of course).
books to read: All! but especially, Marley and Me, Disney princess books, Go, Dog, Go!, Fancy Nancy, Little Critter series, If you Give A series.
activities: music class, ballet, library, Bible study, church.
toys to play with: princess castle, baby dolls, pretend kitchen, playdough, paint
clothes to wear: dresses and skirts (obvi)
people to be with: Lala, Gramma/Grampa, Taylar, Uncle Jake, Charlotte, Brooklyn,
things to do: swim, swing, play "get me", watch Peppa Pig, Clifford, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
more favorites: blankie and baby go everywhere

likes: airplane rides, one-on-one time with Mommy, painting, Lala's house, swimming, watching Peppa Pig, Disneyland, being held
dislikes: loud flushing toilets, going to bed/taking a nap, sharing, being told, "No iPad."

And a very happy birthday to my mom and Blair's Lala!


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