Halloween Re-cap

Monday, November 3, 2014

How was everyone's Halloween?! This year was the jam for Blair. She would hit up house after house and say, "Another one!" after each house. We took a break to eat some chili and cornbread for dinner and then hit the sidewalks again for a little post dinner spooking. She loved every minute and I loved hearing her say, "Tricka Treat!" She was the cutest unicorn on the block and received SO many compliments on her costume thanks to Just Pretend Kids.

We had fun hanging out in the driveway by the fire pit while the kids got candy. We have a TON of kids who trick-or-treat here (like 600) so we didn't bother staying inside.

Earlier in the day my mom watched Blair while I went to the doctor (no cysts!!!) and they attempted to build a haunted house that I bought at Michael's for 70% off. The deal was a win...the house was a fail... On the left is what it should look like...the right was the finished product. Hahahaha.

To top it off her shirt was completely demoed. thanks mom! ;)
Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween! Here comes Christmas!

Just Pretend Kids is giving away one of these cute backpacks free! All you have to do is enter their Halloween costume photo contest by hashtagging on Instagram #JPKcutebaby before November 15.


  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun!! We only got 3 this year and I thinking finally giving up and we are going to leave our house next year. I think Ellie is going to love it so much!!

  2. She looked soooo cute!! happy November!!

  3. I love Blair's costume but I love your bangs even more! So cute! I've been following your blogs for a few months now so a big congrats on the good news at the doctor. Sending you lots of well wishes and encouragement!

  4. What an adorable costume - I hope your Halloween was amazing.


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