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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yesterday we went to the library with a couple of friends and had such a great time! I'm seriously impressed with our downtown library. They provided story time along with some music and a parachute activity. Then following that our school district was there giving out free (healthy!) lunches along with a bunch of brand new Disney books for Leapfrog. I was SO impressed by our tax dollars at work. I made sure we got our money's worth. ;)

Needless to say we will be back to the library very soon! Blair talked about it the whole week, "We go to library today? The library has a parachute." Big surprise that that was her favorite part. Nevermind the thousands of books on hand...


  1. We love our library storytimes, we actually hit up a few different ones in the area. They also have events a lot - music classes and magicians, I'll take advantage or anything free!! Kid activities can add up!

  2. I went to our library last week and it was so fun! Hoping to go again soon! That is so awesome for the free books!!


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