Cee Lo The Duck

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's take a break from infertility shall we? ;)

My cousin Ashley and her fiance, Sean, are getting married on October 11! Unfortunately Blair and I are in my best friends wedding in Tahoe the same day. Womp womp. We're so excited for them none-the-less and look forward to supporting them in their marriage!
Sean and my cousin Ashley
My cousin's fiance, Sean, just wrote a great book called Cee Lo the Duck and is generously giving it away for FREE...Today only! If you have a Kindle be sure to hop on over to Amazon ASAP. Also, if you would like to leave a review on the Amazon page for the book AND a comment on my blog stating your email (so we can send it to you) you will be entered into a $25 Amazon gift card! Woot woot! This is a no brainer, mamas! 

Cee Lo the Duck

About the Book:
The Adventures of Cee Lo The Duck features a young duck who is accidentally placed on a farm with chickens. Slowly, Cee Lo adjusts to life on a farm, but doesn’t feel he fits in. During a BIG twist, Cee Lo has to use his special talents –something all of the other chickens are afraid to do, to help save the farm!

This is an exceptional children’s book with beautiful graphics and illustrations. The kid’s story finds a great balance between inspiring its readers and keeping children engaged. It teaches timeless lessons about fitting in, believing in oneself and accepting others for their unique and special talents

What inspirited the book:

The Adventures of Cee Lo the Duck is based on the real story of Cee Lo the duck who lives with actual chickens in Dana Point, CA.

Why I wrote the book:

 Several of my friends are having children and I wanted to share something with them to help encourage their children to pursue their dreams and work hard to accomplish their goals in life. Sometimes can feel that they don't fit in because they don't excel in a particular area or field of life, however we each have special talents that make us unique and can help others.

About the Author:

Sean Tiner grew up in Laguna Beach, CA. Like Cee Lo, Sean felt he didn’t always fit in with peers. He searched for his talents and he had to work hard to accomplish his goals in life. Eventually Sean applied his passion for swimming, learned water polo and went on to play for Brown University earning All-Ivy League Athletic Honors. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, he went to the University of Southern California and earned a Masters in Communication Management. When he is not directing digital marketing for large organizations, he enjoys stand-up paddle boarding and mountain biking. 

PS my iphone has been resurrected!!! So happy to have a fast-acting hubby who bagged it in rice within minutes!


  1. Just downloaded! Hopefully will try to read it with Ashlynn later!

  2. Downloaded and left a review. Such a cute book! ourfishyfamily@gmail.com


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