Lunch Date

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank you sweet friends for all your kind words yesterday. Your support means so much to me! We've been hanging pretty low around here lately since Blair has been potty training. But yesterday we ventured out to have lunch with a friend. I arrived with good intentions in the form of a homemade lunch for B but once she saw the Cheetos that came with my sandwich it was all over. Homegirl basically ate Cheetos and a bag of fruit snacks for lunch. Mom of the year over here. Don't worry, she washed it all down with soda. Kidding! The girl has never even had juice yet. Mean Mom, I know.

Afterwards I snapped a few pictures of her since she would allow it. I swear that girl sometimes just REFUSES to take a picture. She also can be a hater when it comes to being videoed too. She's one tough cookie. I've been meaning to chronicle some of the things she's been enjoying/doing/saying like the "old days"...

I had to include this. We take potty in the back of the car now because she has a crazy fear of how loud the toilets are in public restrooms and refuses to go. Anyone else hear me on this one?! She FREAKS. So, you do the math. Yup. We drive around town with poo poo and pee pee in the back of the car often. So glamorous.

She had a great nap later that day (and I did too!). Then we finished up the evening with some swimming in the pool with Daddy. A pretty good summer day if you ask me!

And lately she has been waking up around 11 or 12 at night screaming her little head off like she's had a nightmare. I usually go in and soothe her and then she's fine it's just super weird. I'm wondering if she's starting to develop a fear of the dark? Any other mamas dealing with this? Happy Wednesday!

dress: Marshalls
hair pretty: georgia and jane
jellies: old navy
undies: carter's


  1. Three words. my carry potty. It's PERFECT for the car because it has a lid and seals everything in! Lex had a fear of public potties for a month after we trained her-- now she wants to pee in EVERY POTTY!

  2. It could be night terrors waking her up. Good to hear you can calm her right back down.

  3. I adore her entire outfit!!!! Good grief she is so cute!


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