Mantel Revamp

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thanks for all the votes of confidence yesterday! I'm for sure going to bust out the bikini today at swim lessons! I had a couple inquiries about what exactly the lessons entail so I thought I would break it down for you guys by day. I want to have pictures included so it will make more sense so you'll have to wait till the hubs is around to play photographer. I knew he was good for something. ;)

We recently attacked part of my bucket list by painting our mantel a creamy white. I'm loving the results! M isn't so sure but it usually takes him a while to warm up to any changes around the house.

before: oak...not my favorite

middle: one coat in and i panicked thinking it was too white

after: turns out three coats made it much creamier!
My after picture is pretty lame since it was taken at night and all the mantel decor is on the hearth but you get the idea. Better "after" pictures to come! I'm also thinking about taking that mirror down and putting it somewhere else so I can get a BIG. FAT. MIRROR. and lean it on the mantel. I've been drooling over some at HomeGoods. That store will be the death of me...

kind of like this but with more "lean" on the mirror
Next up...tacking that built in media center! I can hear M sighing from upstairs...

***paint called "creamy white" by Behr in eggshell finish

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