4th Recap

Monday, July 8, 2013

I couldn't get my act together enough to blog while at the beach last Friday. Probably because we had way too much FUN on the fourth! The weather at the beach was beautiful and sunny and we got to spend a lot of time with friends and family. We took SO many pictures that today I'm just focusing on the parade B got to participate in. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

melt my heart! she sure loved that donut!

don't mind me in my sweaty workout attire... girls gotta exercise to enjoy the 4th!

nbd...just a local firetruck to lead the neighborhood parade!

lala and blair (she's amazed by the firetruck)

lickin her chops after that donut!

her secret stash (or maybe that belongs to her uncle jake...)

wagon riding is tiring! time to suck my thumb!

family fun!
blair's friend charlotte showed up later that day

their cuteness kills me!
If you follow my Instagram this is probably all old news but the pictures were so cute I had to do a post! B ended up staying up for fireworks and really enjoyed all the pretty colors reflecting over the ocean. We were feeling pretty grateful for this great country we live in. In the words of my mom, "God Bless America!"

How was your fourth of July? Did you BBQ and watch fireworks? I hope so!


  1. Love the decorated wagon and so awesome B stayed up for fireworks! A would never make it, they start them so late (almost 10)... I think I might have been in bed!

  2. Seriously so adorable! Love Blair's little licence plate!

  3. Does Jake just eat Nutella but the spoonful or something? Lol!

  4. I love her little wagon and festive outfit!


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