DIY photo book

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First and foremost here is a video of B when she woke up from her nap on Sunday. Ok our AC was on and she was still this sweaty! Ew. Ew. Ew. But still stinkin' cute!

Second of all last weekend we went to a birthday party for a five year old and I whipped up a little DIY photo album for her birthday pics. Literally whipped it up (like I was tying ribbon on the way over there...). It is super easy but just takes time so don't make it the same day like I tried to...

supplies...metal rings and paper bags

cute ends off paper bags

paper cutter makes this exponentially easier

so do glue dots

affix scrap book paper to bag

some of the pages had paper that pulled out so you can pull the pictures out

some just had a spot to glue the photo

others had hidden pockets to put extra photos and glue some down on card stock

i used scrap material that I had lying around which made it a very reasonable gift!

the end!
Super cute, personable, affordable, and easy! That's my kinda gift right there!

PS anyone watching the bachelorette? am I the only person dying to see the drama next week! Gah! Also a BIG thank you to Grampa Bushman for watching B today from 9-3 while mommy goes to a day spa with a friend! Now that's a blog worthy event right there!


  1. That photo book is adorable! Such a fun and affordable gift. Props for you getting that puppy made with your little one running around!

  2. Yes! I'm watching! I can't wait till next week!


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