The end of an era (nursing)

Monday, May 6, 2013

** If nursing photos make you uneasy then you have been warned! That's what this post is all about!

I consider myself a nursing champ. I mean the odds were for sure against me...a NICU baby who had to learn how to drink a bottle before they would allow her to go home makes for pretty difficult circumstances. But with the help of a nipple shield, lactation consultants, my hubby, and more we learned how to nurse. And nurse we have! We're going on 14 months here...but all good things must come to an end.

latching for the first time in the NICU
napping after nursing

I remember the nights when I would just cry. Oh, yes. Either she wouldn't latch or I was as raw as an uncooked hamburger. Oh the joys. Did I wish I could quit? For sure! I remember thinking to myself that I couldn't WAIT till she was done nursing. It was SO annoying to be alone for 45 minutes every 2.5-3 hours. Not to mention I couldn't go anywhere farther than the local grocery store without her for fear that hunger would strike again. What was even more debilitating was that the little stinker refused bottles after she figured out the whole boob thing.

zonked after her milk

post nursing bum :)

With that said I have decided it's time to be done. She could probably care less. I mean she literally rolls off of her Boppy to go play during the middle of a feeding. Up until this week she would nurse before bed and in the morning when she woke up. But one night I was going to the gym and had a commitment afterwards and forgot to nurse her before I left. Welp, I guess I'll stop the night feeding is what I hollered to my hubby on my way out the door.

if that isn't a milk coma i don't know what is...

And it's amazing how easily my body has handled each dropped feeding. No pain or discomfort which really tells me it's time. So we're hanging on to that last morning feed now but I don't even see that happening for much longer. I mean, the girl gets distracted by everything in our bedroom...the dog, M, the fan etc. I'm like hello! Boobies are out! What calls more attention than that?! Apparently many things...

dreaming about milk. clearly.

There are lots of mixed emotions going on here. It's not the walking, or 1st birthday that really made me gulp and realize my babe is a toddler. It's the memory of nursing that makes me see how fast she is growing up. At this point nursing is so easy. It's only twice a day and she is good at it and it takes 5 minutes. I could deal with that for the rest of my life (ok maybe when she's 10 that might be weird) but being a nursing mom of a 3 year old really wasn't for me. But I love the snuggling! The way she lays beside me in our bed with her tummy pushed up against me and her little feet wiggling in between my legs is so sweet! I love how she holds my hand or strokes my face (gettin' teary eyed over here!) it makes my heart sing with joy!

trying to stay awake but the milk is taking over :)

Sigh. The time has come to start eating like a regular person again too. I will miss you, extra nursing calories. Not most of all, but you are a close second. I guess one way to fix this would be to get prego again. Ha Ha. Not worth it. Not yet anyway. :)
nursing during xmas card pics. gotta do whatcha gotta do!

I know there will be more babies to nurse in my future (God willing) but I will miss nursing this baby. My first baby. My sweet little girl. Mama loves you Blair and you better give me extra snuggles at nap time and bed time!

stroking mama's face

such a sweet bean
And just for fun here are some of the raddest places i've nursed... Costco's patio furniture section, in many parking lots, laying in the grass at parks, and many more that I can't think of. What's your craziest place you have nursed?


  1. I can SO relate to this post. I feel like I wrote it myself! And I've nursed walking thorough the mall a couple different times ... With the cover on, of course! We had to go!

  2. Our journey is so similar, even though A wasnt in the NICU the concerns about her being early forced the same struggles early on and now it's a breeze. Funny about timing too as I'm 90% sure last night was our very last session (tear)!

    I nursed in front of friends, but oddest place was probably a Bloomingdales dressing room

  3. I'm almost there too and I feel the exact same way. We're dropping the mid day feeding this week, then the night feeding next. The morning feeding will be last too.

  4. This post really inspires me; as a new mom to a 2 month old, I feel like I'm still getting the hang of nursing and can only imagine being comfortable enough to nurse out in public. I hope to hang in there and feel the way you do when it's time to stop.

  5. Awww I always get so sad when nursing is over! You were such a champ with all that you guys had to go through! The craziest place I have nursed is inside a movie theater :)

  6. Gosh you have had such an amazing nursing experience! Congrats on getting so far and sticking with it! I also have to say, welcome to the club! I miss it but it is SO nice not being attached all the time. ;) I know I've nursed in tons of weird spots...restaurants probably being the most exposed!

  7. I think I will miss the face strokes the most too :) Congrats on making it so far…what an accomplishment!

  8. gap dressing room and airplane! this post makes me sad for the day my 5 month old and I stop!

  9. Needed this post. Struggling with when to stop nursing my little man. I won't miss the pumping at work at all (well maybe a little just be alone!), but I will miss the time in the morning and the night that is just us. I have nursed so many times in the car that it's ridiculous.

    Congrats on making it 14 months!!

  10. 14 months! Amazing. I am 9 months and strong, but debate everyday when our nursing time will end. It is so precious and I love it (most days) and then other times I am ready to just give him a bottle!

  11. This was such an amazing post. Ive been nursing my 2nd daughter for almost 9 months now. I plan to make it a year and let her lead me from then. I joke all the time I will be nursing her in college. The bond is something so amazing.


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