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Friday, July 20, 2012

It's officially the end of my first week doing cloth diapers and I'm not throwing in the wipe towel so I'll consider it a success! Since I only have seven diapers ( I didn't want to fully commit till I was sure I could handle it) I am still using some disposables mixed in. Apparently B knows when she has the disposable on because those are the only ones she has pooped in all week (how does she know?!) so I can't quite say I'm a pro yet.

I did a lot of research and decided that Bum Genius was going to be my best bet. I ordered one set of seven from Jillian's drawers (buy five get one free) and am still waiting on another shipment from cotton babies (buy five get one free). The diapers have cost me a little less than $200 for 13 diapers. I hear it's good to have 18-20. I'm slowly building my supply. I chose the diapers that are one size fits all with snaps. I got a rainbow of colors in hopes that I can use them on the next baby (I can't believe I just said that!).

I also purchased special detergent called Charlie's soap, a diaper sprayer, flushable liners and a wet bag. Basically each diaper comes with two inserts. One extra thick and one regular. I use the regular ones in the day and extra thick at night. When she's wet I throw the diaper in the laundry sink and wet it then keep it in my wet bag till I do the wash (every other day) to prevent stains. Since B is still nursing exclusively I don't have to rinse the poopy ones since they are so water soluble but I do anyways to prevent staining. Eventually I will use the diaper sprayer but now I just rinse in the sink and toss it in the wet bag. When B starts eating solids I will use the flushable liners and dump the poop in the toilet with the liner.

lovin her BG diaper. oh, and yes B is straight balding...

sweet bum bum
they even fit her thighs!
what happened when she was wearing her disposable. sigh. such a glamorous life i lead! yes, that is poop, not mustard...

Well, there you have it! I hope this has helped anyone who is considering cloth diapers. I am by no means an expert (yet) but feel free to ask me questions. I'll let you know how it goes when she starts eating solids... 

This weekend I am visiting my brother and his wife in San Pedro to see their new home. Sunday I am visiting my grandma and today M's BFF is coming into town. It's going to be a fun filled weekend!

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