Janie and Jack

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

While I was pregnant I had some wonderful friends and family members who bought B some adorable things from Janie and Jack. I hadn't heard of the company yet but quickly fell in love. I bought some great things there that were on mega-sale below

originally 36, purchased for 12!

originally 80 (ridic), purchased for 18!

originally 34, purchased for 10
If you can't tell I was pretty pleased with my steals. M wasn't as impressed...

Here are some of the other items I really wanted but couldn't justify...

love the harbor!

the perfect summertime halter

the bow!

both tops with these shorts

totally silly but would be so cute in a photo shoot...

this was so precious in person
Tomorrow I've got some updates to show you around the house. No big plans today. B has been waking up twice (ACK!) during the night which is super frustrating since she was sleeping through the night... Also lately she has been waking up mid-nap in the afternoon and refusing to go back down unless she is with me. So, I decided to put my own selfish desires aside (like doing laundry and actually getting stuff done) and just be with her. I know I won't regret it looking back. Whoever says, "I wish I hadn't napped with my baby so much."? Plus the extra Zzzz's aren't too shabby.


  1. That jacket is so freakin cute!! Great finds!

  2. Love those outfits and love the prices even more! :) Great job!

  3. LOVE Janie and Jack, luckily we have one only a few mins from our house...or actually maybe not so lucky...that place is dangerous! Love your finds! Girl stuff is so fun!


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