Magic Mike is the 51st Shade of Gray

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lately there has been a lot of hype over the movie "Magic Mike" and the novel "50 Shades of Gray." If you are like my Mom and don't know what either of these things are, let me tell you the short version. Magic Mike is a movie about a male stripper and 50 Shades of Gray is a novel that reads like porn.

I have been avoiding voicing my opinion on either subject but a couple nights ago while I was nursing, God had a little chat with me. Ever since I became pregnant we have become even closer. He knows that I love Him and want to be obedient to Him. He also knows I don't like confrontation and conflict. He asked me why I haven't been standing up for what's right lately. Why I haven't been standing up for Him. Ouch. I told Him that I didn't want to offend my friends or make them feel that I was judging them or being a prude. Then He told me that if I loved my friends and wanted them to grow in their walk with Him then I needed to hold them accountable. So this is my feeble attempt to keep my friends accountable who know Jesus as their Savior. If Jesus was physically sitting next to you while Magic Mike shook his thang, would you be comfortable? Or if He asked you to read a chapter of 50 Shades of Gray out loud in church would you be ok with that?

By no means am I implying that I have never watched or read things that are inappropriate, but as I grow in my relationship with the Lord I feel a strong push to hold myself and the ones I love around me more accountable. Last week's sermon was about compromising and the areas in our lives in which we do this (language, taxes, spending money etc). And it's scary how one small compromise can turn into one huge regret. I think about how Matt would feel if I went to see Magic Mike. Probably the same way I would feel if he were to go see something of the like.

So even though my sweet baby girl is only four months I desire to start setting a better example for her. She may not be aware of what movie mommy is going to see but she will begin to pick up on my habits. "Mommy and Daddy pray before dinner." " They go to church." "They talk about their blessings even when things are tough." "They kiss and say I love you." So with that said, here is my sweet girl at four months!

counter clockwise from right: month 2, month 3, month 4! Growing so cute!


  1. Well said Natalie. Bravo on boldly speaking truth. Your conversation with God is one we all should be having. And that picture of Blair in your arms is beautiful! :) I'm excited to meet her!

  2. YOur daughter is too cute! And I am with you, I am not on board with either of these trends. A bunch of girls in my neighborhood are doing the Magic Mike thing tonight and I opted out. I had the same thought about if the roles were reversed, would I be comfortable with my hubby going? No way. THanks for your honesty!

  3. Love that chevron background in all the pics! Not as cute as the baby girl, but definitely a fun touch!! I agree, I think it is so important to set a good example, even when they are little bitty.

  4. Kudos to you for voicing your beliefs!!! Sometimes it is so hard to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. I have felt uncomfortable with both the movie (and of course we like to look at good looking men, it's natural, but I would be VERY upset if it were my Husband going to see it) or reading the book. Sharing your conversation with God was truly inspiring. I am a new follower and SO happy I am. Thank you for speaking your beliefs!!!
    xoxo, Sarah

    Please follow back, I know we have so much in common!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog because I also have a new little baby (2 month old girl!), but now I enjoy it even more! It takes a lot to stand up for Jesus in today's society, but it is so worth it. HE is so worth it! Thank you for your courage and sharing your relationship with Him! I find that feeding my daughter is a wonderful time for prayer. Before I would never just sit anywhere for 30 minutes, but it definitely forces that time of solitude and I have found my prayer life grows because of it! At least when I put down my phone... still working on that. Thank you again! So encouraged!

  6. Preach it sister! Love this post and you too! I sure hope we get to see each other soon.

  7. Thank you for listening and obeying even though I know it was so difficult! You are not alone in your thoughts on this subject! As difficult as it is to not follow the trends I know my reward is in heaven! Your blog speaks to me and I know it will speak to others!

    1. Sarah! How did you find Natalie? She is my cousin!

  8. Love this! Making right choices and standing up for what you believe is never easy. I have found that some of those tough moral decisions have gotten even harder since high school and the peer pressure is still present. But as I get older I am even closer to Him and the right choices become clearer. Wish we lived closer to each other =)

  9. Thank you for sharing. My mom is friend's with your mom:) and I was telling her how I was struggling posting something about this new trend of this movie and the book. She was like you have to read this post my friend's daughter wrote. It was exactly what I was feeling. I had to decline an invite to see the movie with a bunch of friends. I never wanted them to feel like I was judging them or a prude. Your words were very encouraging and was comforted that you could post something in love and stand up for what you believe in. Great post!!!


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