Back to School Clothes

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember when your mom used to take you back to school shopping? Oh, how I loved those days! Back then I didn't know what was cute and went against my better judgement and listened to my mom. (Really mom, snowman turtlenecks at Christmas in 6th grade?!) All the cool girls were shopping at Limited Too and I was stuck at JC Penny's when I didn't know better. I like to think I know better now...not saying I do. But here is a look at what I really did wear on my first day back to school this year. Don't pay any attention to the tired eyes and flat hair...these were taken when I got home after herding cats all day. 30 of them to be exact...

proof of why i had to take my belt off half way through the day. i couldn't deal with the slippage.

And that's a wrap! I survived the first day yesterday but I was SO tired and it didn't help that we were on inclement weather due to the heat. That means indoor recess ALL day. You're joking me. Plus I was the schmoe who signed up to teach the after school program. That's an extra hour of teaching, yo! But the kids were actually great and despite having 30 first graders I think it is going to be a good year. Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday about my classroom. :)

dress: ATL
belt: Merona at Target
shoes: ATL


  1. i knew there had to be a fashion post in regards to school clothes!! cute outfit- stylish and professional! i still remember the smell of the new clothes my mom would get me from sears and jc penneys before moving into 579. ha ha.

  2. Love your first day of school outfit choice!


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