Magical Unicorn Party Games

Friday, March 9, 2018

What's a party without games?! Since I made the epic mistake decision to have a four hour party (Thanks, M, for talking me into that) I knew activities were going to be a must. I opted for the tried-and-true "Pin the horn on the unicorn" and used my sleep mask as a mask. The girls loved it!

At each table setting I had some wooden unicorns that the girls could color if they finished eating early.

I also set out some coloring pages with markers and crayons as an activity to fill time and allow girls who finished their lunch or crafts early something to do.

For favors the girls got to each take home some unicorn slime (recipe HERE) that they added sequins and jewels to. The slime was definitely a hit and I would highly recommend having an adult make it the night before and then just letting the kids add extra pizzaz. The glue can be pricey so I found a good deal HERE.

And finally a party is not a party at my house without pictures (sorry girls!) so we filled some time by taking individual shots outside. I used a table cloth and taped it to the garage door which made for a cute backdrop!

Let me know if you have any questions below! Party on party people!

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