Disneyland Survival Guide

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring Break is so close I can taste it! Many of you might have plans to go to the happiest place on Earth... Disneyland! As an annual passholder I thought I would give you some tips, or things that work for me, while at Disneyland. It can be tough to navigate if you aren't there once a week (covers eyes in embarrassment) so I'm here to answer any questions!

1.Bring snacks: Of course you could eat a corn dog every time you get hungry but that might add up quickly...and your pants might not fit by the end of the day. ;)

2. Never buy clothing there: Because Target, Gap, Old Navy all sell clothing with Disney characters on them. Save some bucks and buy before you go. Better yet, get matching shirts for the whole family so you can spot each other quickly (plus twinning is winning!).

3. Bring an extra cell phone battery: with all the pictures you will be taking and all the Instagram stories you will be adding you will need some extra juice!

4. Take advantage of shows: Shows are typically a win because they don't get as crowded as the rides. I love Mickey's Map, Fantasy Faire, and the Soundsational parade! Oh, and there is a park in Toon Town for active toddlers to get their wiggles out. The twins love it!

5. Rides for adults and babies: You might think you won't enjoy the rides because you will be stuck on the carousel all day. Wrong! Babies can go on Toy Story Mania, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Carribbean, the jungle cruise, Haunted Mansion, Tea cups, and MUCH MORE! Get excited!

6. Bring pjs: We always pack pj's (Mickey ones of course!) and change the kids before putting them in their car seats on the way home. Avoid that carseat-to-bed transfer mishap like that!

7. Bring a massive stroller: Honestly I will probably be bringing a stroller long past the time the twins don't need it anymore. We put so. much. stuff. in there it's embarrassing. Yes, you have to walk and not ride the tram but you will need to burn the extra calories anyway from all the corn dogs you will ingest!

8. Layer clothing: T-shirts are great for the day but it tends to get cold at night!

9. Disneyland wait time app: This allows you to see how long the wait for a ride is without walking all the way over to the ride. win-win-win!

10. Go during the week: If possible go during the week.. it's way less crowded and you will have a much better time! 

Hope this helps and feel free to comment with questions!

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