Nine Months

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Monday the twins turned 9 months! Time is seriously flying (now that we aren't getting up every two hours) and we're enjoying every minute with them. Every day more of their personality comes out and it's so fun getting a glimpse of who they will be.
Squeeze Me onesies by The Wishing Elephant

Both the twins like solids and now eat three times a day. They can crawl, sit up, babble, sleep all night, and neither of them have teeth..which I am thankful for! They don't like it when strangers get in their face and coo at them and they usually cry (so embarrassing!). They love Blair and it's honestly easier to have her home with me. They like stroller rides and don't mind quick car rides.

She loves giving big smiles and exploring. She crawls all around the house. She gives kisses but it has to be on her terms and she's selective about who gets them (usually Mama). ;) She continues to enjoy sucking her left thumb to soothe herself. When I put her down for a nap she lays her head down  on my shoulder and sucks her thumb. She usually goes right to sleep and wakes up and plays in her crib for sometimes 30 minutes!

You have to work to get a smile out of this guy. He likes focusing in on one toy and figuring out how it works. He can get on his knees to play with a toy and likes to stand. He gives sweet kisses often. He still loves sucking his middle and ring fingers on his left hand to soothe himself. When I put him down for a nap he rests his head on my chest for a second but perks up and likes to look around. He usually fusses before he goes to sleep and he wakes up and usually fusses right away.

I can't believe the babies have been out as long as they have been in! The best is yet to come I'm sure!


  1. They are so precious! And isn't it amazing how much more enjoyable things are when you get sleep :)


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