Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last minute Mother's Day gift guide! Some things I'm loving lately...

Lash Serum

This stuff is LEGIT. It really does work and it way cheaper than Latisse. I've had several people ask about what I use on my lashes. Here's my dirty secret!

Gel Manicure Kit

This kit really does work and is just as quick as painting my nails. It lasts at least a week (as long as I can stand to look at the growth near my cuticle.) I love that I can turn any nail polish I already own into gel so I don't have to buy new polish.

Long Lasting Lip Color

I said it once I'll say it again...totally obsessed with this stuff! It really does last!

High Waist Workout Pants

I know I'm a broken record but seriously these things are bomb. They hold it allllll in!

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  1. High waisted workout pants... that is genius! I am constantly tugging at mine! Happy Mother's Day!


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