Nursery Closet Overhaul

Friday, May 20, 2016

I am a huge sucker for organization. Cleaning, no. Organizing? Yes, please! A couple of weeks ago I was telling M how dysfunctional the closet in the twins room was. I knew it had potential to store a lot of stuff but in its current state it wasn't cutting it.
Lucky for me M is a problem solver and enjoys building so he designed a new closet. It turned out SO good and I just couldn't wait to get my paws on putting things away. I am still waiting to get some matching (of course) boxes to make the storage on the shelves prettier but here she is!

Check out the before...

That's it. I had two cheap wire racks. I added an extra bar but it wasn't great. No shelves and a ton of wasted space above and below. Not anymore!

He created the space for $200 and used the pre-fab melamine boards. They have a smooth white finish so clothes won't get snagged.

This weekend is my baby shower and I just can't believe I'm even writing that! I truly never knew if I would have another baby shower and here I am celebrating with TWO babies! God has given us so much grace that we don't deserve and I couldn't be more grateful. Remind me of this when I am up all night long trying to figure out how to nurse two babies ;). These babies are a blessing and I can't wait celebrate them.


  1. So pretty!!! I love me some closet organization! Have a great baby shower!

  2. The closet looks amazing and you have soo much space!! Enjoy your baby shower and your 2 little blessings :)


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