Covered Goods Review

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It has been so fun to see all the new/different baby products that are available now. It's so crazy how things have already changed since Blair was born! I LOVE finding unique and stylish products that fit my lifestyle and Covered Goods nursing covers definitely fit the bill!

Covered Goods has revamped the nursing cover to make it more versatile. It can be used for much more than nursing (which I love!). I've seen mamas use them as car seat covers to keep handsy strangers out or to let baby know it's time to rest. I've also seen it as a scarf to add a little detail to your outfit. It is great as a shopping cart cover to keep germs away too!

The thin fabric makes it easy to store in a diaper bag (versus the other fluffy ones) and the stretchiness makes it easy to get on and off when nursing. And did I mention the cute prints they have to offer?! I decided to go with matching black and white stripes to accommodate both my daughter and son. Plus, black and white is so in!

 Other creative ways to use the Covered Goods nursing cover...
-On a hot swing at a park (no germs or burns)
-As a blanket for baby to play on
-As a security blanket (especially if it smells like mamas milk)
-As a baby accessory for your toddler to use on her dolls ;)

Thank you Covered Goods for sending us a cover! I sure can't wait to use it with our bundles of joy!


  1. You look so adorable :) Good Morning!

  2. Are those sandals you are wearing the metallic copper berkinstocks?

  3. I love my covered goods cover, I went with the grey and white stripe. So adorable! I had the traditional "hootie hider" cover with our other two babies and this one is so much more stylish and makes nursing in public more discreet (in my opinion!). I do think its a bit trickier to use when they're still newborns and you need both hands to nurse though.


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