Pumpkin Shopping

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A few days ago Blair and I headed to the grocery store to grab some necessities. Clearly, pumpkins are a necessity so we picked some of those out. She remembered seeing a mini shopping cart in the parking lot a few days before and asked if she could push her babies in it. After trolling the parking lot we finally found it in the last row. Crises averted. Once we picked some pumpkins out for us, Blair chose some for her babies as well. She told me that, "Baby and Tinker (Baby's friend) are obsessed with pumpkins." Oy. I wonder who she gets that from?! ;)

Hair pretty: happiness lives here, wonderful shirt: old navy, cat leggings: carter's (last year), moccasins: freshly picked


  1. I feel like her hair is really starting to lighten up! And I'm totally buying our pumpkins at Wegmans this year (one because they are so much cheaper than the patch for big ones, and two, I dont think we will make it to the patch boohoo).

  2. How adorable!!! The babies and mini-pumpkins are so cute!

  3. haha how cute! We just got our pumpkins from a patch and it was ridiculously priced. Naturally the next time I hit the grocery they had big pumpkins. I've never seen them have big ones before at ours. I was annoyed. Next year!

  4. Those cat leggings are awesome...now if only they made them in adult size and it was acceptable to wear cats on my leggings:)


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