Inspiration: gorgeous gallery walls

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hey guys! I'm excited to have Katherine from Modernize sharing here today. We're talkign all things gallery walls and she's got some great tips/tricks and styles. Check it out!
Inspiration: Gorgeous Gallery Walls
By Katherine Oakes

Many of us try and fail, or semi-fail, when it comes to home decorating trends that have a tendency to make us to feel like Martha Stewart’s untalented little sister, with only a fraction of what it takes to really pull something off. Despite this, we still yearn for at least one corner of our home that makes us and our guests go, “Wow”.

At Modernize, we get it—and we feel passionate that improving and designing your home should be fun and not make you feel like a failure. The great news is that gallery walls are such a thing and are even meant to be a little off-kilter and totally unique, making it a whole lot easier for you to make your home décor quirky, charming, and oh-so stylish.

Here are 6 gorgeous gallery walls to get you inspired.

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Large Photography

If you struggle with finding the right pictures to hang on your gallery wall, and abstract isn’t really your thing, an easy solution is to use your own photos. Choose a few that you love and that go well together—maybe even tell a story—and have them enlarged, printed, and framed. You’ll love the way that this gallery wall embodies “less is more” while still making a beautiful and simple statement.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Not for the faint of heart, assembling a gallery wall with a monochromatic color palette can feel restricting—but fear not, the payoff is worth a little bit of struggle. Use photos and pictures with the similar colors (monochromatic is many hues of the same color) and feel, and find a frame with a complementary color. In this case, what makes this gallery wall work so well is the playfulness of faded black and white pictures with a muddled navy blue and off-white or eggshell tone mixed in. Bonus points if it matches your furniture.

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Focal Point

Identifying a focal point for a gallery wall is not only an easy way to arrange your décor—it can also serve as a dramatic and eye-catching statement piece. Pick something big, bold, and beautiful that will stand out among the rest of your items—this way it won’t be confused with or have to compete with something of equal size and stature—and watch your wall shine! 


Like an Olsen twin, gallery walls are famous for their messy-but-somehow-pulled together look. The intentional mismatched designs make them fun, however, it can get away with the complete opposite, too—also like an Olsen twin. This requires some careful preparation and laser-focus while measuring, so it’s important to take your time and create equal spacing (3-5 inches in between is usually good) between your photos to create the effect of perfect symmetry. ‘Cause perfect is what your house looks like anyway, right? Right. 

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Artwork and Texture
If you’ve always wanted to start your art collection, now is your chance. Gallery walls are the perfect opportunities for featuring pieces that you love, whether that means a chaotic crayon drawing by your toddler or an interesting painting that captured your eye at a flea market.
Get playful and take chances! Incorporate different types of art for a display of contrasting textures, like soft water colors, hard and sharp sketches, or chunky acrylics. Let your inner art critic be your guide. 

Unique Frames

For a sophisticated salon-inspired gallery wall, punch up the old-world glamour a bit by placing your photos in frames that are as interesting as the pieces themselves. Certainly don’t hold back on color, size, or design, but do be sure that your wall doesn’t end up looking a little dense and overcrowded. Pick a tasteful array that mixes like gold baroque-style frames with old wooden ones that have that hand-carved feel, and your wall will be cozier and more colorful than you could have imagined. Trust us, it’s a good thing.

 Thanks again Katherine for stopping by and giving us all some inspiration for our homes. I sure do love a good gallery wall and these were no exception!

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