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Thursday, July 16, 2015

I have to admit I am lazy when it comes to skin care. It's hit or miss if I remove my mascara every night, remember my sunscreen, and use my wrinkle cream. It should really be my New Year's resolution to complete my skin care routine daily. I'm sure the benefits would be awesome!

Regardless, I wanted to share my skin care products and routine with you but with the caveat that it's a loose routine. Maybe if I was more consistent I wouldn't have to whine about my wrinkles so much!

1. Neutrogena Make Up Remover Towelettes: I'm sure these are not earth shattering as all my friends use them. Since I don't wear a ton of make up on a daily basis (mascara, eyebrow powder, tinted chapstick) I use these towels more than once. I'm hoping I'm not alone in this.

2. Miracle Blur: I use this often by itself. It minimizes my pours, fills my wrinkles, and gives my skin a matte effect. It's an easy way to make my skin look better without applying actual make up.

3. Eucerin: I love two things about this moisterizer... sunscreen and the pump. I apply it on my face, neck, and hands.

4. Oil of Olay Regenerist Moisturizer for Night: Self explanatory...I use this after applying my wrinkle serum (next on the list) at night.

5. Oil of Olay Regenerist Night Serum: I apply this at night after I wash my face.

6. Tria: My best friend's dad happens to work for Tria so I got a sweet set up (for free!). I use this laser wrinkle machine every other night along with the products and love it! While it does feel a bit uncomfortable since it tingles I feel like it really works. The cleanser is a rich gel that really gets the job done and the finishing serum continues to attack my wrinkles over night. 

What are some of your favorite skin products? I didn't include it but I also love my amazing grace by Philosophy body lotion. The smell is my favorite!

* All items can be purchased on Amazon.

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  1. After years of struggling for years with unclear skin, I have found my 3 simple, cheap and natural products...
    Apple cider vinegar (diluted with water) as a toner
    Coconut oil as face and body lotion (smells amazing and natural SPF)
    Vaseline for under eye "cream"
    The results, especially for my eye wrinkles, have been AMAZING. I will never go back.


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