Fresh Face

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Things got crazy over here yesterday; as in I updated my (much overdue) blog appearance. I've been wanting to do something more sophisticated, after all I am thirty one now. ;) Although I will miss seeing Matt and Blair's mug at the top of my blog I think this change is for the better. Clean, feminine, and classy. That's me! (My friends are all rolling their eyes. They know better.)

But seriously, guys, I was an HTML BOSS yesterday. I bought the template here and installed the whole thing by myself. If you know how much I hate learning new tech stuff you are so proud of me right now. I literally spent the rest of yesterday afternoon and evening patting myself on the back. Just ask M. :)

I still have a couple "bugs" to work out but overall I am pretty pleased! What do you think? And thanks, Natasha, for the inspiration!


  1. Love your blog facelift! It looks great!!

  2. Looks great! I was checking out all the templates on 17th avenue yesterday---definitely want an update soon, if only I actually blogged!!!! I'm impressed you installed it. I was thinking I'd shell out the $20 for them to do it!


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