Val Day Recap

Monday, February 16, 2015

I hope everyone had a sweet Val Day whether you spent it at home or out and about. We celebrated a day early with my best friend and her boyfriend (our roomie) by going out to dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant called, Nick's, down in San Clemente. The food was bomb, as usual, and the company was even better. :)

the original valentines ;)
M also surprised Blair and I with a little early Val day bouquet (one for each of us!). The flowers were stunning!

We spent the weekend enjoying the 80 degree weather down at the beach. It was incredibly relaxing because my Mom and brother's gf watched Blair the majority of the time. We paddle boarded, tanned, ate a bomb lunch, and slept like babies. Unfortunately my poor brother's gf took one for the team and "slept" with Blair (because let's be real sleeping in a twin with a toddler is not sleep). She's still battling a cough and wanted to snuggle all. night. long. Let's just say Taylar will be extra spoiled on her birthday this year...

oh, winter bodies

The last day of our vacation we hit up a local donut shop. I'm not supposed to have donuts for many reasons but I couldn't say no. Blair wore appropriate attire...

We stopped by a local mural on the way home in which I looked ridiculously tired. Such is life.

And finally on our way out of town we hit up the Rainbow outlet for some summer sandals for Blair. She found one just her size...

That hair though...
Back to the grind this week! I hope you all felt loved on this weekend and enjoyed some quality time with your loved ones!

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