Disney Attire

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In a few weeks we are headed to Disneyland for Blair's 3rd birthday. This year I am especially excited because we are getting passes! Yippee! I seriously can't wait to eat corndogs on the reg and see the princesses all. the. time. :)

Unfortunately I am a firm hater of all Disney apparel but I've been softening up lately and allowing Blair to own some princess pjs (so crazy, I know). That girl loves them of course and I just know if I buy her a princess shirt it is all she will end of wearing so I'm not setting myself up for that. I do have one exception: Disneyland apparel at Disneyland is A-Okay. Hence, my quest to find the perfect little outfit for her to wear the day(s) we go next year. Here are some of my faves...

top 3 shirts: gap

Where do you find cute Disney attire without being overly cheesy? I'm sure the Disney store will have plenty to choose from. :)


  1. Old navy has some cute Mickey shirts... At least I've seen them for the boys. And I know what you mean... Once Noah started wearing graphic character tees (which lets be honest that the majority of what's available for boys) he no longer wanted to wear a "regular" shirt. Sometimes it's annoying but I'm okay with it since he gets so excited about getting dressed.

  2. So much cuteness! I found shirts for Owen at Old Navy in the summer. They had some vintage looking things that I liked -- not too cartoonish. And then once we were there we bought him the classic ringer tee with mickey on it. Wish they had it in my size!

  3. I am so like you-absolutely will not let my daughter leave the house in character attire! PJ's are fine and I'll even throw in a character shirt for naptime but my daughter knows she wears other clothes to go out in. ha! I just can't :) Thanks for sharing the link to those sequin shorts, love those!!


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