Live Oak Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ahhh this weekend was jam packed with FUN! Fall is finally (kind of) in the air and we took full advantage by going to a festive dinner/hay ride with friends followed by the pumpkin patch the next day. I was lucky enough to have my bff visit (again!) which made the festivities that much more enjoyable. :)

We headed to Live Oak Pumpkin Patch on Sunday and while it was a warm 85 degrees it still felt like fall with all the pumpkins, corn fields, caramel apples, and kids running around in their Halloween attire.

one day i'm hoping to swap that pretend baby for a real one ;)
my little pumpkin
the post wouldn't be complete without this cheese face or Kelly Diana
loving every minute with this girl lately!

pretty sure she's asking for a pony for christmas...start working overtime M!

on second thought she may ask for a goat...that might be more affordable

stupid noon sun. should have waited till "golden hour." sigh. next year.
That pretty much sums up our pumpkin patch experience and I can't wait to share about the rest of our weekend shenanigans tomorrow. Today we are headed to Disneyland for trick-or-treating with Mickey and friends! Yay!

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  1. I hear ya on swapping out the baby doll for a real one!! Praying for you friend!!

    As both a goat and pony owner - goats are way more manageable. However they are pack animals and do best if you have at least two!! But their poop is really small and hard to clean there is that!

    I so wish we lived by DL. I would love to take Ellie there for trick or treating!!!! How old was B the first time you took her? Was she able to enjoy and go on very many rides? We are thinking of going in February and Ellie will be almost 2


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