Girl Just Wanna Have Fun

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yesterday after Bible study Blair and I hit up a local Starbucks with some friends. The mamas got to enjoy some caffeine while the littles played in the outdoor fountain. And when I say "enjoy" I mean we chatted in between feeding them lunch, taking them to the potty, and encouraging them to share.

Blair's cheese face kills me. I don't think I will catch a real smile ever again. Tomorrow we leave for Lake Tahoe and guess what?! On Sunday we get to meet up with Natasha from Schue Love and her cute fam. Yay for blogging friends!


  1. I love that they are holding hands in this picture! That is so exciting that you get to meet up with bloggy friends! I have a few that I would love to meet up with!!!

  2. How fun!! My husband and I go to Lake Tahoe a few times a year - so beautiful! Are you staying in North Lake or South Lake? Ironically, we saw Natasha last time we were there - she was eating lunch at the golf course we were at! Have a great vacation!! <3 Kelly

  3. You are so lucky that there are so many play fountains for littles where you live!! We hardly have any in WA!

  4. OMG how exciting about your Tahoe trip and meet up! I love Blair's cheese face! ;D

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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