Oahu Update

Monday, June 30, 2014

When you get home from a l o n g day of travel with a 2 year old at 2:00 in the morning you are allowed to have a late blog post. Rule #65 in my book of blogging. ;) Actually Blair was a pretty great traveler. She loves all things that "go." Airplanes (She actually whined when our 6 hour flight was over. What?!), busses, cars...the girl likes to move.

However now it's 11 am here and she's still in bed. No way she's napping at 1pm. I'm thinking I better go wake the beast so with that here's a couple pics from our trip! More details later. :)

SO thankful for our awesome trip from Gramma and Grampa!
Lovin her little death grip around my neck
already missing you, Oahu!
Congratulations to Gramma and Grampa who celebrated 35 years of marriage! Grateful they decided to bless US by taking us on a trip to Oahu! We will never forget all the fun we had. :)

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