Beach Day

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today my mom and I are at the Happiest Place on Earth (without Blair!). Shhh, don't tell her. ;) My mom has never been to California Adventure (gasp!) so we decided she should take me as an extension of my 30th birthday present. Don't you love how that works? It's like I'm 30 and my mom is still taking me to Disneyland...winning! And I can't even wait to ride Cars, California Screamin' and all the other rides we can't take B on. Don't get me wrong it's a blast to have her around but today is for the Big Girls.

Last weekend I mentioned that we were at the beach with M's fam. Blair usually makes a request to go to the pool but that wasn't an option. She's been kind of pooh-poohing the beach lately but she really had a good time on Sunday. We jumped over waves and ran away from them when they got her toes. We even had burgers in our bikinis. Although we weren't looking quite as good as the Carl's Jr. commercials.

the old switcheroo

thanks for letting me borrow your hat Linda! my scalp appreciates it. ;)

She doesn't know it but this was just practice for our vacation to OAHU in two weeks!!!! Eeek! So excited!


  1. Toddlers running! Why is everything they do so damn cute :) and you southern Cali girls and impromptu visits to Disneyland, so jealous!!

  2. A Hawaii vacation!?? Ah I'm so jealous!

    A burger in a bikini sounds like my kid of beach trip!!

  3. OMG that beach was crazy crowded! Baby Beach in SC? Glad Miss B had a grand ol' time it looks like! And Disney AND Oahu sound like fun!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  4. What age did you start traveling with B and feel comfortable? I'm going on my first flight next week with my 1 year old (the day we get back she turns 1) and I'm scared to death.

  5. Disneyland and the beach!? So jealous! We had a preview of our upcoming vacay too and I think Ellie is going to be just fine...


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