Living Room Updates

Friday, April 25, 2014

I've been going round and round trying to decide on some chairs for our never used living room. The problem is that we never use the room (unless it's Christmas morning) but it's the first thing you see right when you walk in our house.

We had some chairs that had a fun pattern but the more I stared at them the more I felt like the print was just too modern looking along with their shape. See below...

I wanted some chairs that didn't break the bank but looked nice. I honestly didn't care if they were comfortable or not because we never sit in that room. I found these chairs below for $250 each. It was the best deal I could find for the "look" that I was aiming for. I couldn't commit to a color or pattern since I fear I'll regret it soon. So I opted for a neutral chair with a classic shape. That way I can just change the throw pillows for a whole new look!

i love the tufted buttons
i even screwed the legs in myself! nat your average girl right there ;)

get this basket here...i couldn't pass it up!

The room is still lacking to me. I would love to put a rug down but then it would compete with the rug in our entry way you see above. Also I would have to battle M about the whole "rug on carpets is unnecessary." I could do curtains but again I don't want them to compete with the ones in the dining room across the way or the office. Sigh. I need some more accents of color. Maybe a more colorful lamp shade? Also some crown molding! Ideas? Suggestions? Or maybe I should just submit this room to Natasha and see what she comes up with? ;)

Have a happy's my last weekend in my twenties (insert crying face here) but I'll be livin' it up while visiting my besties. Well, as much as a girl can live it up with her two year old in tow... ;)


  1. What about a simple re-arrangment of the furniture? Maybe an angled layout to add some spunk and interest? Or a brighter pop of color in the pillows/throw/lamp shade to off set the neutrals?

  2. love the new chairs!! did i miss where they came from? would love to check them out.all about colorful throw pillows . thanks

  3. Love those chairs!! You can tell M that by adding a rug over the carpet you are helping to identify the space. Also so as not to "compete" with the rug in the entry or curtains in the adjoining rooms choose a rug/curtains that compliment both!!

  4. What about repainting the wall that has the photos on it? Like maybe pulling a color from your entry way rug?

  5. I really like those chairs. Where did you find them?

  6. love the chairs. would you mind sharing where they came from?

  7. love the chairs would you mind sharing where they came from

  8. piggybacking off Ashley, the rug on a carpet helps layer the room (same if over hardwood or tile), curtains or window treatments will do the same. Rooms that have layers will help draw the eye around to different colors, prints, etc and make it seem complete and style. It's like adding jewelry, make up, and accessories to an outfit. Jeans, cute top and trendy shoes look nice, but its the accessories that pull it together. I say add a rug with a simple pattern in two colors (that way it compliments the runner in the hall and not compete) and curtains or valence can draw from the same colors in the dining room. Love the chairs, and I think we had those old chairs growing up!! They were in diff fabric, but we hand me downs to my mom from her mom. Super mid-century modern... use that in your craigslist add if you sell them ;) ;)

  9. Love the new chairs! They make such a difference!


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