Easter Re-cap

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hi friends! What a fun weekend we had celebrating Easter! M had Good Friday off of work so that was an extra treat. We spent a lot of time with family and Blair enjoyed a couple Easter egg hunts as well. That girl could search for eggs all day long. And apparently the Easter bunny is her new bff because she cried when we told her he went "night night." She even kissed him on the nose! Move over Santa, there's a new bunny in town!

 There was no shortage of food and I certainly stuffed myself silly. Whether I like it or not the gym is going to be my bff this week. :/

i helped my mama with her easter centerpiece

yay for pinterest giving me this idea! chalk pen on brown eggs

family photo at my parents house

pinterest making me look good again ;) of course B ate everything BUT the bananas :/

opening her "resurrection eggs" with syrup from breakfast adorning her pjs

sparkle eggs! with no candy inside! what she doesn't know won't hurt her ;)

watch out for Bella's "brown eggs!"

she was pretty proud of her stash

our little fam at easter brunch

In other news my ultra sound came back totally normal and my doctor's appointment went well. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers! We've officially discovered that there is nothing hindering me from getting pregnant except for my old age...how nice! :/ We are on strict orders to keep trying till December and then we will be off to the fertility clinic. Hoping it doesn't come to that and just trying to take my doctor's advice to relax...easier said than done!

 We actually really had a doozie of a week last week. I couldn't wait for the week to be over and I actually ended up at the doctor's TWICE! Turns out I got an ear infection from a cold I've been suffering from. How cute...me and Blair had twin ear infections. No, not cute. At least I escaped the double pink eye she also had. OY. Here's to a new week and me looking forward to visiting my besties in San Jose this weekend! Flying alone with my toddler on Friday...yikes!

white lace dress: target
multi colored maxi: nordstrom last year
blair's floral dress: gap outlet 2013
blair's purple bunny dress: gap kids


  1. I love your bunny pancakes! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. I love the simplicity of your Easter decor! So cute!

  3. Such a cute little family! Wishing you good thoughts on making baby #2!! <3

  4. BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! I love love love your multi-colored dress you wore for the EEHunt.

  5. Blair found the golden egg?!?! How luck! :)


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