Thanksgiving attire for littles

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thank you for all your opinions on the new rug in Blair's nursery. I think I will be going with some sort of gray rug. Not 100% sure on which one yet. :)

I've recently purchased a few things at baby gap...this this and this (hello 40% off sale!) and decided to show you a few of this fall's must haves. Actually I feel like Old Navy nailed it better this go around than Gap so check out their great items below!

top three from old navy, bottom two from H&M

top three from old navy, shoes dress and coat from gap, bottom chambray from old navy

all items from gap
 How adorable are those shoes for the little dudes? I actually think they would be cute on girls too. I was thisclose to getting them for B. Hipster baby alert!

Right now Old Navy is having a 20% off online sale so get your goodies now!

Oh and yesterday I got the deal-of-the-century on one of my FB mommy sites. I spent $20 and got a TON of items off Blair's Christmas list from a mama whose daughter barely used the toys. I couldn't help but give B one item early and it's safe to say I'm she's digging it...

buy it here for way more. :)
 M was like "Ummm, who is enjoying playing with that more? You or her?" So what if I like to relive my past? And the answer is ME 100%. Pretty proud of my budget friendly shopping skills. :)


  1. OMG those baby Gap boy shoes need to happen in my life ASAP! Precious! My little guy is all about the cords and plaid shirts this fall : ) We need to put Blair in her adorable little girl clothes with my H for a cool kid fashion show, ha!

  2. That little pea coat with the bow is adorable! I wish it came in my size, and if I had a daughter we would both wear them. Second hand toys are brilliant -- we bought a few at a Just Between Friends consignment sale a few weeks ago and Owen loves them just as much as all his brand new toys!


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