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Friday, November 22, 2013

     First of all congrats to Brittnee! You won the Yes To! giveaway I hosted. But don't worry friends, if you didn't win there is another way to win right here

     Ahhhh the holidays. Guests galore! I actually love having guests and am really excited because two of my BFF's are flying in in a couple of weeks along with another good friend. I can't wait! I decided to take a peek into the never used guest bathroom upstairs to make sure it was welcoming and fully stocked. I determined a few things were missing so here is what I did using my awesome Yes To products...

bought new chic towels (Target! where else?)

put out some Yes To mini products

made sure the q-tip jar was full

stocked the med cabinet with tooth paste, lotion, hair spray, mouthwash, tooth brushes, hair ties, (new) deodorant, perfume, and lady hygiene products. 

made sure the shower had the essentials

put my extra hair dryer, straightener, and brush under the sink

oh, and potty trained this girl. kidding. but she did ask to sit on the potty... dress: old navy, leggings: h&m
AND don't forget to get your set of FREE Yes To mini products by entering their giveaway! It's super easy and I promise you will love their natural products! May as well save some face this holiday season and have great skin!

Did I mention that Yes To also has great natural baby products? Pretty sure B is going to get some in her stocking this year. :)

This post was sponsored by Yes To but my love of their products is all my own!

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  1. Ok, so now I am commenting on every post, Ha! That pic of your baby girl is totally adorable!


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