Pining for Fall

Friday, September 6, 2013

I have some serious weather envy over here. All my blogging friends posting pictures of their Pumpkin Spice Lattes, boots, scarves, and crisp fall air are driving me crazy! It's over 100 degrees here and I'm planning on cranking the air up and playing dress up in these lovely clothes...

white pants after labor day...a must with these items

my go-to fall outfit...skinnies, boots, flowy top
 Not only am I dying to get into these fall frocks but I'm eagerly waiting to put Blair in some of her fall attire as well! I picked up a couple things at Old Navy yesterday and am contemplating a few more items...

the dots are a shiny festive!

you know i have a lime obsession this fall

a baby anorak?! cuteness overload!

i love the gold buttons with the bright colors

be still my heart

Yesterday we went to Riverside's zoo Petco on our way to the car from Old Navy and checked out rats, mice, snakes, birds, fish, and kitties! B seemed to really like all the animals and I didn't mind the frigid AC along with some uninterrupted Instagram time. ;)

yup. blankie had to come along
maybe a fish tank in her room would help her nap? :P
Today B has her 18 month check up...wish us luck!


  1. Love that top look! Can you tell me where the boots and vest are from? I like that that vest isn't as puffy as a lot of the ones I am seeing.

    1. I actually pulled the look from pinterest so im not sure. but i think rei and gap have good vests. also frye makes some awesome boots!

  2. have you seen this?

    I sooo relate! I want a sweater and boots, STAT! Also, if the mosquitoes would stop biting me, that would be awesome, too. Oh and one more thing, it would be nice to exit the house with my hair down without it immediately turning into a fro. Thanks!

  3. HA! Love the comment about the Petco being Riverside's zoo! So funny!! And love all your fall finds!

  4. The girls love the pet store. Some nights we make a special trip there after dinner...we're super cool (obviously)

  5. Love the baby anorak! I need one in my size. Happy Friday!


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